David Whiting

Music Portfolio

Bow Church

Bow Church is music project started by David in 2012 which combines rich harmonic and melodic cinematic soundscapes with diverse influences from the history of electronic music to create something that is at once both dark and euphoric.

"Desolate soundscapes meet a nostalgic discomfort that you can't quite place. Bow Church is the aural embodiment of a forgotten nightmare or repressed horror that rears its unexpected and haunted head once more. Yet in its reprise it is strangely hopeful and therapeutic - a synthesised cure for your daydreams."

Demoscene Time Machine

Demoscene Time Machine (aka David Whiting) has been making melodic bleepy music since 2008. Inspired by old SNES soundtracks, DOS demos and the ever-versatile range of the PC speaker, he’s now in full force producing heavy dancefloor-friendly fakebit music with catchy melodies and infectious beats.

Draco Draco

Combining the vocal talents of Danny Polaris and the production skills of David Whiting, Draco Draco make catchy dancable pop music.


Trisect is David's brand new adventure into the underground sounds of techno and house music.


Orchestrating dark pop songs with post-punk influenced baritone vocals, heavy downtempo beats and a whole bank of synthesisers, HERETICS were a 2-piece band comprising David Whiting and Lawrence Wakefield (of Cold in Berlin) active in London from 2010-2014, producing 3 albums during that time.

DJ Mixes

David mixes house, techno, breaks, electro-swing, chiptune and just occasionally 80s synthpop hits.

More mixes at Mixcloud


David is available for music composition, production, remixing, soundtrack, live performance and DJ work.

Please direct all enquiries via email to i.am@thewit.ch